Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu Rushed to Hospital

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[Photo Credit: by Government of Florida]

The Prime Minister’s Office has reportedly announced that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will stay in the hospital tonight after being checked into the emergency room at Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer on Saturday afternoon.

Sheba Medical Center sources said that the prime minister passed out at his Caesarea house and collapsed as a consequence, injuring his head.

He was rushed from his house in Caesarea, in the country’s north, to the emergency room.

He was completely awake when he arrived at the hospital, which was near to Tel Aviv’s center.

He was said to be in good health and had both a test to make sure his heart rhythm was normal and a brain imaging scan to make sure his brain had not been harmed by the accident.

Nothing out of the usual was found during the medical evaluation, and the early assessment points to dehydration being the primary cause, according to a statement from his office just after 6 p.m.

Later that day, Netanyahu made a video message in which he explained his hospital visit as being caused by dehydration and warned people to be cautious due to the country’s current heat wave.

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