Top Biden Commander Claims US May Abandon Israel in War With Hezbollah Begins

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President Joe Biden’s top commander reportedly indicated Monday that the US could be unable to defend Israel in the case of a confrontation with Hezbollah.

The Biden administration has become increasingly afraid that existing tensions between Israel and Hezbollah, a huge Iranian-backed terrorist organization, may erupt into a full-scale war, sending shockwaves throughout the whole Middle East.

C.Q. Brown, chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Monday that the United States would have limited capabilities to come to Israel’s rescue if such a war occurred, warning that it would place U.S. troops stationed in the region in greater danger.

“Think about the second order of effect of any type of operation into Lebanon (where Hezbollah is located), and how that might play out and how it impacts not just the region, but how it impacts our forces in regions as well,” Brown said.

Israel and Hezbollah have been involved in low-level battles since last fall, but recent words from both sides’ leadership suggest that a full-scale conflict is possible in the near future.

According to Brown, the United States will most likely be unable to provide the same degree of military assistance as it did in April, when Israel and Iran engaged in direct battle.

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