DeSantis Signs New Bill Allowing Residents to Shoot Bears

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[Photo Credit: By Tom Williams - [1], Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=132532067]

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis reportedly signed new legislation enabling homeowners to shoot black bears on private property, but vetoed a bill targeting slow drivers in the left lane.

The governor signed 14 measures from this year’s legislative session and vetoed three, his office said Friday.

H.B. 87 allows Florida residents to shoot and kill black bears on their land in self-defense.

According to the measure, anyone who shoots and kills a bear must inform Florida Fish and Wildlife within 24 hours, and they may not keep or sell the bear carcass.

Anyone who lures bears into their property will not receive legal immunity.

Supporters of this law argue that Floridians have the right to defend themselves and their property, while opponents argue that it would result in more deaths of the once-threatened animals, according to WFOR.

Opponents claimed they might consider taking legal action against the measure.

DeSantis vetoed H.B. 317, which would have prevented vehicles from cruising in the left lanes on two-lane highways with speed limits of at least 65 mph.

The plan, which would have punished violators up to $158 for a single infringement, made exceptions for drivers who were overtaking other drivers, preparing to depart, turning from the left lanes, or being directed to the left lanes by traffic control devices.

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