Ron Johnson Predicts Biden Campaign ‘Toast’ After He Lost Liberal Media

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After losing the media, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) declared on Friday that President Biden’s campaign is “toast.”

“Democrats have a real problem, any Democrat has a real problem —if you lose the media, and Biden lost the media, overnight, after that debate,” Johnson remarked during a recent Fox News appearance.

“It’s pretty difficult because Democrats can lie, they can enact policies that are disastrous to this country, but as long as the media’s on their side covering up for ‘em, they can survive.” he continued.

Democrats have been nervous about Biden for a little more than a week as a result of his unsteady debate performance last Thursday.

Democrats questioned whether Biden should continue as the party’s nominee after he stumbled over his remarks and sounded hoarse at the CNN debate.

Despite calls from four House Democrats for him to withdraw from the contest, Biden and his supporters have remained steadfast in their support of him.

Earlier this week, Biden said in an email used for fundraising that no one “is pushing” him “out.”

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