DeSantis Sends Through New Law Allowing Squatters to be Arrested

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[Photo Credit: By Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America - Ron DeSantis, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=139870301]

GOP Legislation allowing homeowners or authorized agents in Florida to ask the sheriff for help removing squatters from their properties has been passed by Governor Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis persists in his efforts to suppress squatters while other states attempt to close loopholes for squatters.

During a recent Fox News appearance, DeSantis declared that the “squatters scam is over in Florida.”

It comes after the state’s squatters’ rights were abolished, a move he signed into law in March.

On Thursday, House Bill 621 became law.

Unauthorized residents may be arrested by sheriffs, and those who fabricate documentation to prove they are entitled to live there face criminal charges.

Georgia approved a law in April that made it illegal for someone to seize control of a property and then assert ownership rights over it.

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