Lindsey Graham Slams Media for Hiding Biden’s Rapid Cognitive Decline

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In an interview conducted over the weekend, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) attacked the media for withholding information about President Joe Biden’s cognitive impairment from the public.

While discussing Joe Biden’s appalling performance in the debate, Graham made these comments in an interview with co-host Dana Bash on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday.

“This idea that Biden had a bad night, that’s not the story. He’s had a bad presidency, had a disastrous debate. How could we get here? How could the American people see what they saw and not be forewarned? You have got a compliant media who’s written off the problems with President Biden. They have tried to soft-sell this as attack by the right wing that he’s compromised. There is no cheap-fakes here.” Graham said.

“The man is compromised, and the media has been covering. He’s not a good president. He’s a decent man. He’s a failed president. He is compromised. That’s the storyline here.” he continued.

Graham stated that, considering Biden’s apparent mental state, he is concerned about what may occur between “now and November.”

“Does Iran get a nuclear weapon because they think Joe Biden’s so compromised, he’s not going to do anything about it? You got a compliant media and a lockstep Democratic Party who cheers bad policy. Have you heard one person named to replace Biden that would do anything different on the border? No. Have you heard anybody criticize his withdrawal from Afghanistan they’re considering replacing him with? So this is a very dangerous time for America and the world at large. This election turned from this debate. Clearly, President Biden is compromised. But, most importantly, his policies are not working.” Graham concluded.

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