DeSantis Reports that Florida Had Record-Breaking Tourism Numbers Under His Governance

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The state of Florida has established itself as a premier destination for global travelers, as Governor Ron DeSantis announced on May 16 that tourism has reached record levels.

“Once again, Florida leads the nation as an unrivaled destination for tourists. These record-breaking numbers show that our work has made the free state of Florida even more attractive to visitors.” DeSantis announced.

Revisions to the 2023 figures suggest that Florida received more than 140.6 million visitors, which surpassed previous records.

Furthermore, 40.6 million visitors were registered during the first quarter of 2024, which is the highest number ever recorded for a single quarter.

The revised 2023 figures indicate that Florida experienced a 2.3% increase in visitors from 2022, which established a new standard.

The state received 129.1 million domestic visitors, 8.3 million overseas visitors, and 3.2 million Canadian visitors.

This trend was sustained in the first quarter of 2024, with a record 37.2 million domestic visitors, 2.1 million overseas visitors, and 1.3 million Canadian visitors.

The total of 40.6 million visitors is the highest number of visitors ever received in a single quarter and represents a 1.2% year-over-year increase.

These record-breaking figures underscore the state’s enduring appeal, which is further bolstered by its natural grandeur, world-class attractions, and welcoming environment, as tourism in Florida continues to soar.

Travelers seeking unforgettable experiences are drawn to Florida.

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