Bill Maher Slams Biden During New Appearance on ‘The View’

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Bill Maher, a comedian, discussed the forthcoming 2024 election with the cohosts of “The View.” He stated that President Joe Biden is “cadaver-like” and appears “as old,” in contrast to former President Donald Trump.

During Maher’s Tuesday appearance on the ABC talk show, cohost Joy Behar inquired whether the host of “Real Time with Bill Maher” was concerned about the potential for his statements against Biden’s re-election to influence the election, as it could potentially persuade undecided voters to vote for Trump.

“Look, Biden just presents as old. It’s not really fair because he’s almost the same age, Trump is almost the same age as him. But Trump doesn’t present that way.” Maher said during the appearance.

“You look at somebody right away, you can kind of just sum them up. We are not young, but we don’t present as old. Biden does. I saw him yesterday making that speech, I mean, I’m sorry, he’s cadaver-like.” he continued.

Maher then likened Biden’s decision to remain in the race to Justice Ruth-Bader Ginsberg’s refusal to retire during President Barack Obama’s presidency.

“I said he’s going to be Ruth-Bader Biden, that’s the term I use. I said Biden shouldn’t do that. But he’s Dracula. He’s crossed oceans of time to be here and he’s not going to give it up now.” Maher remarked.

He stated that she did not heed the warning at that time, and her passing enabled Trump to appoint Conservative Justice Amy Coney Barrett to her seat. He also observed that the court’s slant has shifted to the right.

Maher previously advocated for the Democrats to replace Biden prior to the election on his HBO program.

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  1. Xiden will be replaced. Xiden NEVER was the candidate of choice for 2024, that’s why the damage and destruction to the USA has been so sweeping, deep and decisive – because the decision makers (not Xiden) have no intention of letting Pete Peters run in 2024. It’s all a charade, and the delay in replacing him is a psychological operation to wow people with a new, likable Dem candidate at the 11th hour. Maybe it will be Maher…

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