Bill Maher Says DeSantis Called ‘The Bluff’ of Sanctuary City Mayors

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During his “Club Random” podcast on Sunday, liberal comedian Bill Maher slammed Democratic leaders of sanctuary communities as “hypocrites” for their response to the border issue.

Following a discussion with guest and former TV anchor Katie Couric, Maher brought up the topic of immigration in response to her argument that class animosity and anti-elitism were factors that influenced blue-collar workers to back former President Trump.

Maher concurred, but claimed that the hostility was justified in relation to the response of Democratic leaders towards the immigration issue that was inundating border towns.

Maher asserted that New York City Mayor Eric Adams and other Democratic officials adopted a rhetoric similar to those of Republicans when their own neighborhoods were affected by the border crisis.

“Take something like the Sanctuary City hypocrisy. These elite cities [think] ‘We’re the good people’…until they send the immigrants, actually, to their cities.” Maher said to Couric.

“The things that came out of the mouths of the leaders of New York and Chicago and even San Francisco, were pretty astounding. You would think it was Trump talking!” he continued.

Couric concurred with Maher and proposed that the media had not enough focused on the ramifications of the influx of migrants on border towns.

She expressed that her friend in Florida expressed admiration for Republican Governors Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott for their decision to relocate refugees to NYC and Martha’s Vineyard.

Her friend believed that this action demonstrated a lack of concern from politicians towards the migrants’ predicament.

“It’s just fair,” Maher said in response. Regarding Republican Governors like DeSantis he said: “They just called their bluff, very much the same way the Democrats called the bluff of the Republicans on the immigration bill.”

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