REPORT: California Capitol to Become ‘Sanctuary City’ for Transgenderism

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The Sacramento City Council will be discussing a proposal on Tuesday to designate Sacramento as a sanctuary city for transgender individuals.

A resolution has been put forth by Councilwoman Katie Valenzuela, aiming to prevent city staff, including officers and contractors, from detaining individuals who are seeking or providing sex changes.

The proposed measure would additionally prevent the city from collaborating with jurisdictions outside of New York that are enacting laws against sex changes and gender surgeries on children.

According to her, this action aligns with the City Council’s commitment to fairness and diversity.

According to the document, the city is already a sanctuary city for immigrants and the resolution aims to extend similar protections to individuals who claim to be transgender.

Gender-affirming health care encompasses a range of interventions aimed at aligning a patient’s appearance with their gender identity.

These interventions may include hormone therapy and surgery, among other options.

Additionally, it encompasses various forms of treatment for mental health care.

According to a recent report, a significant number of states have implemented laws that limit or prohibit gender-affirming care for both minors and adults.

In 2022, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a California law that provides a safe haven for children from other states seeking gender-affirming care.

This law ensures that these children can access the care they need without fear of facing legal consequences.

According to a recent document, various healthcare institutions throughout the nation have reduced their provision of gender-affirming healthcare services due to legal disputes, instances of harassment, or the fear of violence.

Gender-affirming healthcare in Sacramento is available through various institutions, although local advocates have raised concerns about lengthy waitlists and other related issues.

If the council were to adopt it, the resolution would effectively prevent staff, officers, contractors, or subcontractors from engaging in the detainment of individuals seeking or providing gender-affirming care.

Additionally, it would prohibit the utilization of city property for the detention of individuals for said objective.

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