DeSantis Takes Aim at Lab Grown Meat

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In the Florida Legislature, where the stakes are high, Governor Ron DeSantis has weighed in on two proposed measures that would prohibit the cultivation and sale of lab-grown meat products.

DeSantis criticized the scientific innovation last week in Hardee County as part of his crusade against “ESG” (environmental, social, and governance), a business philosophy that advises investors to invest in companies based on their management of social and environmental concerns.

DeSantis claimed that those supporting the idea were “trying to impose an agenda on society through the economy.”

“They really want to go after agriculture…They want to blame agriculture for global warming.” he continued.

Liberals have long claimed traditionally farmed red meat is bad for the environment.

Approval of HB-435 and SB-586 in the Senate would prohibit the manufacturing of cultivated meat and result in license suspensions for any establishment that stocks it, including restaurants and stores.

Legislative Republicans in Florida assert that insufficient research has been conducted to guarantee the safety of the product.

Advocates of of laboratory-grown meat argue that, in spite of it being unnatural,its introduction could contribute to economic expansion.

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