DeSantis Shreds New Senate Approved Border Bill

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Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida criticized the controversial border measure introduced by the U.S. Senate this week shortly after its introduction.

DeSantis stated at a press conference on Monday that the bill was authored by individuals who “contempt” for the taxpayers of the United States.

He went on to describe the bill as a “farce.”

“We have a huge issue in this country on our southern border. You can’t be a country if you don’t maintain control of your own territory. And yet, this has been going on really for many, many years, decades, perhaps, but it’s never been this bad.” DeSantis said.

“And they have now unveiled a piece of legislation in Washington and I think people are starting to point out what a farce it is, to basically say that you only shut the border down once 5,000 people a day come illegally, which is about 2 million a year. So that’s basically legalizing illegal immigration. And there’s so many other things that are wrong with it. But I just think, taking a step back, what it shows me is it just shows me the contempt that these people in D.C. have for American taxpayers.” he continued.

“I mean, the amount of money they want to send all around the world, the amount of money that they’re saying that they’re going to use for border, but it’s really going to go to facilitate more of the problem. I just think the whole thing is a farce.” DeSantis added.

“The fact of the matter is the president has the authority to secure the country’s border. You don’t need a new piece of legislation to do that. Just do it, and if you did it, I think a lot of people would be pleasantly surprised that you did it. But what this is, this is just another dog and pony show out of Washington. It will not solve a problem. It will just exacerbate the problem even further. And so I don’t think it likely has much of a chance. But you never know with the folks that we’ve got in Washington, D.C., nowadays.” he concluded.

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