DeSantis Vows to Permanently Fix U.S. Southern Border Instead of Just Complaining About it

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Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida stated that he is tired of Republicans using the southern border crisis as an election issue and that ,instead, he will actually “get the job done” as president.

DeSantis delivered the aforementioned remarks on Tuesday evening during a CNN presidential town hall event in Iowa, in response to an audience member’s inquiry regarding potential measures to tackle the matter.

“I am going to build the border wall. And I remember in 2016, I went to the rallies with Donald Trump, he said he was going to build the wall and have Mexico pay for it. And that didn’t happen. And why didn’t it happen? Well, one, I think he got distracted. And he didn’t do it on day one.” DeSantis said.

“But two, he didn’t utilize the levers of power that he had. So how do you get Mexico to pay for it? Well, they’re not just going to give us money. … Here’s what you do. You impose fees on the remittances that workers send back to foreign countries, Mexico, Central America, really all over the world, you’d raise billions of dollars, we’ll put it into constructing the border wall.'” he continued.

“We as Republicans, probably 99% blame Biden for 8 million people coming in illegally. It’s been bad for the country. And I do too. But here’s the thing. If Trump had built the border wall, it would have been very difficult for Biden to bring in all those many people.” he added.

“That’s why you want a wall. It’s a physical fact of life, that even an open-border president would not be able to get around so I will get the job done. The talk is cheap. And I’m sick of Republicans always using this issue every election cycle, to try to get donations and to try to tell the people if you do it, we are going to bring the issue to a conclusion.” he concluded.

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