Karl Rove Makes Dramatic Prediction for DeSantis in Upcoming Iowa Caucus

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Governor Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) is “do or die” for the Iowa Caucus, according to conservative political analyst Karl Rove, who described a victory in the first primary as crucial to his chances of defeating former President Trump in the 2024 GOP primary.

As the January 15 caucus approaches, DeSantis has concentrated the majority of his campaign resources in the Hawkeye State, heightening optimism that he can defeat Trump, the frontrunner of the campaign, and pave the way for his nomination.

“Iowa is do or die. He’s putting a lot of effort there. He has the support of the popular governor, Kim Reynolds. He won the support of a key leader in the evangelical community, Vander Plaats.” Rove said during a recent Fox News interview.

“And yeah, he’s got to run. If he comes in third in Iowa, it’s very problematic for him because it doesn’t get better for him in the next two sets of contests.” he continued.

Early this month, his campaign wrote in a disclosed memo that thwarting Trump in Iowa is crucial to clearing the way for DeSantis.

The already influential Iowa Governor Reynolds and evangelical leader Bob Vander Plaats have endorsed the governor.

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