DeSantis Slams Romney for Being Part of ‘Surrender Caucus’

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In an interview with WORD’s “The Tara Show,” Governor Ron DeSantis criticized former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney for his alleged preference for Nikki Haley in 2024.

In October, Haley attended the E2 summit in Utah, which was co-hosted by former House Speaker Paul Ryan and Romney. DeSantis did not appear in person.

“Well, look, Romney, you know, he’s attacked me as saying, I mean, I don’t even know. He uses, like, the left-wing clichés to do that. I don’t really know Mitt Romney. But clearly, he views Nikki as more in line with what the direction he wants to go, which to me is just a surrender caucus of Republicans who are never going to fight for anybody, who are going to go to D.C. and just let business as usual take hold. We cannot afford that. This country is declining,” DeSantis remarked.

“We have to reverse the decline. And we need a new birth of freedom here. But it’s not going to happen with kind of the same old, same old Republicans who’ve never fought for us in the beginning.” he continued.

DeSantis’ derision of the Utah senator follows Romney’s widely circulated criticism of the Florida governor a few weeks prior.

Romney of Utah disparaged the Florida governor in numerous quotations in a new book, implying that the governor is a mediocre retail politician with authoritarian tendencies.

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