Jen Psaki Takes Dirty Shot at Speaker Johnson’s Christian Faith

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Jen Psaki, the presenter of MSNBC and a former press secretary for the White House, attacked newly appointed House Speaker Mike Johnson for his strong Christian beliefs, claiming that his political views should “scare us.”

Johnson declared, “I am a Bible-believing Christian,” in an interview with Fox News. In the media today, I was questioned, and the response was, “It’s curious; people are curious.”

What is Mike Johnson’s opinion on every topic under the sun? “Now, take a Bible off your shelf and read it,” I urged. I see the world that way.

Johnson said the following in his first speech as House Speaker:

 “I believe that scripture, the Bible, is very clear that God is the one that raises up those in authority. He raised up each of you. All of us. And I believe that God has allowed and ordained each and every one of us to be here at this specific moment.he said.

“You heard that right. The Bible doesn’t just inform his worldview, it is his worldview. In fact, during his first speech in his new job, Johnson suggested that his election as speaker was an act of God. Talk about a bit of a humblebrag there. So what exactly has God apparently called on Mike Johnson to do? Well, his views on policy are essentially what you’d expect from a religious fundamentalist. They’re more divisive than they are divine.” Psaki said on MSNBC.

“But it’s not just his political ideology that should scare us. Johnson is basically a Christian fundamentalist. He believes that America is a Christian nation, and that those values should be reflected in our interpretation of the Constitution.” Psaki wrote.

Johnson was converted to Christianity in September 1984 when he was twelve years old.

He was the eldest child of James “Pat” Johnson, a firefighter who entered a warehouse in order to plug a leak.

Pat Johnson was left with burns covering 80% of his body following an explosion, and his prognosis was 10%.

His son was inspired by his recovery from multiple infections and six surgeries, an inspiration which led him to his Christian faith.

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