Massive Oaktree Falls on Florida Governor’s Mansion While DeSantis’s Family is at Home as Powerful Hurricane Tears Through State

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[Photo Credit: By Tim Ross - Own work, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=2990291]

The Florida governor’s mansion in Tallahassee was reportedly struck by an extremely old oak tree that was 100 years old on Wednesday morning as a result of Hurricane Idalia’s powerful winds.

Gov. Ron DeSantis assured everyone that he, his wife, and their three children were “fine” while providing an update on the destruction caused by Idalia.

With the caption “thankfully, no one was injured,” Casey DeSantis, the husband of DeSantis, posted a picture of the enormous oak tree.

The governor mentioned the incident during the conference and claimed his wife had just called him to tell him about it.

“We’re fine. In fact, [Casey] called me about 45 minutes ago and told me, this is a really, I guess, ancient oak tree split in half and part of it fell. I don’t know that it fell on the residence per se, I think it was a little bit off to the side, so that’s going to have to be cleared,” DeSantis said.

The National Hurricane Center reports that Hurricane Idalia made landfall on Wednesday morning as a Category 3 storm close to Keaton Beach. According to the NHC, Idalia will deliver a devastating storm surge and damaging winds to Florida’s Gulf Coast.

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