3 Arrested in California After Clashes Between Concerned Parents and Radical Gender Activists

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[Photo Credit: Scott Davidson]

When a group of LGBT activists and a parental rights organization clashed in Los Angeles on Tuesday during a protest over school rules that keep parents in the know about their children’s gender identity, three individuals were reportedly detained in the wake of the clashes.

A small group of disorderly LGBT counter-demonstrators started the altercation with a march of roughly 200 parental rights protesters led by the Instagram-based organization “Leave Our Kids Alone,” which was making its way from City Hall to the offices of the Los Angeles Unified School District.

The group of LGBT activists had gathered on the other side of the street when the demonstrators for parental rights arrived at the Los Angeles school district offices.

Police eventually issued a declaration of an unlawful assembly and told everyone to leave the location, nevertheless. Police attempted to push back LGBT activists at one point, which resulted in the arrests.

Police claimed that three protestors were finally detained for failing to disperse, and all three were placed in custody after posting $5,000 bonds.

The parental rights protesters demanded that the Los Angeles school district adopt parental notification policies that are similar to those adopted by other California school districts and which require schools to notify parents if their child requests a new name or pronouns, requests to use the restrooms, requests to use the opposite sex’s bathrooms, or requests to play on the opposite sex’s sports teams.

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