DeSantis Agrees to Blockbuster Debate With Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom

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Fox News will reportedly now moderate a discussion between governors Ron DeSantis and Gavin Newsom.

The Florida Republican and California Democrat, who both represent one end of the ideological spectrum yet have differing political positions, have frequently sparred over legislation in their respective states.

In the race for the Republican presidential nomination, DeSantis is currently polling behind former President Donald Trump in the midst of the latter’s legal problems, while Newsom, a Democrat, has downplayed speculation about his own future aspirations in favor of serving as something of a super surrogate for President Joe Biden.

The likelihood of a confrontation between the two diminished as DeSantis intensified his presidential campaign. But Newsom has continued to spend months attempting to persuade his opponent to stand beside him on stage.

Fox News received an official request and offer from Newsom’s office last week, proposing a debate on either November 8 or November 10.

According to that request, Hannity would be the only moderator for a 90-minute forum on Fox News that would run live without an in-studio audience.

Even in the age of what seems like an infinite supply of cable news town halls, a debate would, to put it bluntly, be an unexpected development in contemporary presidential politics.

It would provide DeSantis a different setting and opponent with whom to compare his track record in Florida.

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