Kamala Harris Refuses to face DeSantis After Attacking Him for Failure to Adhere to Left Wing Orthodoxy

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Vice President Kamala Harris reportedly turned down Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ invitation to discuss the state’s history curriculum because she believed it obscured the atrocities of slavery.

Harris rejected the governor’s invitation to clarify Florida’s history instruction while speaking at the 20th Women’s Missionary Society of the African Methodist Episcopal Church Quadrennial Convention in Orlando, Florida.

After the vice president said that Florida classrooms will downplay the harmful effects of slavery, DeSantis invited Harris to talk about Florida’s new educational curriculum.

The new Black history curriculum’s detractors have taken issue with a section that outlines that claims slaves ended up benefiting from their condition due to various skills they acquired.

Florida was hailed as the “number one state in the nation for education” and DeSantis said in a letter written on Monday that he was making record-breaking investments in kids, teachers, and schools.

DeSantis is running for president in 2024 and is seeking the GOP nomination.

“[Harris] came to Florida to attack us, and she’s trying to attack me. But she’s really attacking the people that worked hard on this and have done a lot of yeoman’s work. And so that’s just wrong. I think it’s wrong to let lies be perpetuated. It’s wrong to let false narratives stand.” DeSantis said in a statement on Tuesday to Fox News.

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  1. she has a big mouth but nothing to back it up. All talk just like the rest of her world. Mostly lies anyway, so what else is new with this no backbone lady?

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