DeSantis Announces he’s Not Interested in Ever Being Trump’s Vice-President

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis reportedly stated on Tuesday that if former President Donald J. Trump were to get the nomination in 2024, he would not be interested in serving as his running mate.

“I’m not a No. 2 guy. I think I’m a leader. Governor of Florida, I’ve been able to accomplish a lot. I think I probably could do more staying there than being V.P., which doesn’t really have any authority.” DeSantis said during an appearance on the Wisconsin Right Now podcast.

Mr. Trump’s spokesman, Steven Cheung, promptly dismissed the possibility that the former president would consider Mr. DeSantis, a former ally who is now challenging him for the Republican nomination, as a running companion.

Although, it is much too early to make predictions on who the Republican vice presidential nominee will be when not a single primary vote has been cast. Voters and political watchers have still continued to do so in spite of that.

Some  oters have expressed their desire for the much younger Mr. DeSantis to run on the same ticket as Mr. Trump during events for Mr. DeSantis in the early nominating states.

However, it would be logistically difficult for two candidates to run on a ticket together.

The Electoral College is prohibited from electing a president and vice president who are both residents of the same state per the 12th Amendment to the Constitution.

DeSantis or another Florida resident, like as Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, who is also running, would cost Mr. Trump the state’s 30 electoral votes.

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