Ken Cucinelli Announces that ‘Timing is Perfect’ for DeSantis 2024 Announcement

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The Florida governor is anticipated to announce his candidacy for president next week, which, according to the founder of a pro-DeSantis political action organization, is “perfect” timing for the candidate.

DeSantis is the best-positioned candidate to take on Donald Trump in the Republican primary, according to Ken Cuccinelli, a former Virginia attorney general and the creator of the DeSantis political action group Never Back Down, who made the comment on “Elizabeth Vargas Reports” on Thursday.

“Coming off one of the greatest legislative sessions any chief executive has ever had in any state anywhere, the timing is perfect as it can be right now.He’s done a great job in Florida.” Cuccinelli said.

Disney and DeSantis are engaged in a legal and political conflict over ownership of the company’s Orlando theme park.

All of this began when Disney opposed legislation that forbade teaching on gender identity and sexual orientation to students in kindergarten through third grade last year.

In response DeSantis said that the business practiced “woke” ideology and was attempting to bring that into the political realm in Flordia.

Disney’s announcement on Thursday that it is abandoning plans to invest $1 billion in a new campus in Florida escalated the conflict.

Since then, the Republican-controlled legislature has given Disney no more autonomy and created an oversight panel of DeSantis-appointed members.

In terms of polls, Cuccinelli remarked “I always run like I’m behind.”

“He won in some tough territory. He won by double digits in Miami-Dade County while helping the Republicans take that school board. That’s the kind of success and winner’s track record that he’s earned with policy wins. When he gets to tell that story across the country, I think you’re going to see a major turn in his direction.” He noted.

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