Pro-DeSantis Group Blasts Trump Town Hall Events, Claims it Proves Trump is Stuck in the Past

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During a CNN town hall event on Wednesday, a super PAC supporting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) for president reportedly attacked former President Trump for his performance, claiming it demonstrated the need for a different Republican candidate in 2024.

On Wednesday night, Trump appeared on CNN for a town hall with Republican voters in New Hampshire.

“On the same day Ron DeSantis was assailing Joe Biden’s border crisis, Donald Trump was on CNN attacking DeSantis and lying about finishing the border wall. The CNN townhall was, as expected, over an hour of nonsense that proved Trump is stuck in the past.” A spokeswoman for the group said in a statement.

“After 76 years, Trump still doesn’t know where he stands on important conservative issues like supporting life and the 2nd amendment. How does that Make America Great Again?” She continued.

Trump made his first appearance on the network since 2016, and earlier that night, Never Back Down criticized the former president for appearing on CNN after he had long referred to it as fake news.

One audience member poked fun at DeSantis over his ongoing conflict with Disney in Florida by asking Trump about government regulations on companies. Trump used the chance to criticize the governor of Florida.

“I think he ought to just relax and take it easy and think about the future, because right now his future is not looking so good,” Trump said, in spite of the fact that DeSantis won re-election in 2022 by a historic 19 point margin.

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