New Poll Shows Harris doing Better Than Biden Against Trump

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A recent poll indicates that Vice President Harris is polling closer to former President Trump than President Biden.

According to a CNN poll conducted on Tuesday, 45% of voters who are registered would back Harris against Trump in a fictitious contest.

In a race against Harris, the former president won 47 percent of the vote, putting her two percentage points behind. Of those surveyed, 5% stated they would pick someone else.

Conversely, Biden’s lead against Trump in the poll was six points. In a race for the presidency, Trump has the advantage with 49% of the vote, compared to 43% for Biden. A further 4% stated they would cast their ballots for someone else.

The poll was done in response to Biden’s unsteady performance in the debate last week, which raised questions inside the Democratic Party about whether he is the best contender they can nominate.

Representative Lloyd Doggett (D-Texas) made history on Tuesday by being the first House Democrat to officially push Biden to withdraw from the ticket.

This occurred after other editorial boards across the nation made similar requests.

Harris has been thrust into the national limelight by the discussion as she balances calling for her to replace Biden with defending him and his capacity to serve.

Harris should take the president’s position at the head of the ticket, according to former Ohio representative Tim Ryan, who also claimed that Harris would “destroy Trump in debate.”

Additionally, according to 75% of registered voters surveyed, Democrats would have a higher chance of winning the presidency if a different candidate ran for office.

This includes 56% of Democrats and independent voters who lean Democratic.

1,274 people participated in the survey between June 28 and June 30. There is a 3.5 percentage point margin of error.

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  1. National polls mean absolutely nothing, as we elect the President state by state, via the Electoral College. Any democrat should have a comfortable popular vote lead, due to overkill in New Pork, Smelly Jersey, and Californicate.

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