Florida Tourism Board Announces Countersuit Against Disney

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Following Disney’s lawsuit against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District board reportedly declared on Monday that it would countersue the entertainment giant.

The Walt Disney World resort is located in the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District, which is governed by a new board that DeSantis established.

A move to sue Disney was approved by the board during its meeting on Monday morning.

The case will be brought before a state court.

Disney is suing the governor, the board, and the board’s five members, requesting that the judge nullify the governor’s seizure of the theme park district, which Disney had previously ruled over for 55 years.

The previous Disney-controlled board signed over those powers to the organization before the DeSantis-appointed board members held their first meeting earlier this year.

The oversight board is suing to keep control over design and construction in the district that governs Disney World’s 25,000 acres.

In response, DeSantis pushed the Florida legislature to take away Disney’s self-governing power and establish a new board made up entirely of his nominees that now has jurisdiction over the expansion of the theme park.

Recently, that board decided to void two development agreements that Disney signed in February.

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  1. Go woke, go broke. disney made their bed, now they can sleep on it. disney is only in business to grossly overcharge the unfortunates who come to their parks for lightly entertaining and very overpriced communist indoctrination.

  2. I’ve yet to hear anyone give an explanation as to why Disney should continue to be treated differently from any other large company in Florida. Yes, at the time they came, there was nothing there and they brought people to the Orlando area. Thank you. But the area is much more diversified now. What answer do we give Sea World or Universal Studios when they say they’d like the same autonomy?

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