DeSantis Claims GOP Has Developed ‘Culture of Losing,’ Contrasts it With ‘Culture of Winning’ in Florida

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis reportedly delivered an energizing message about the significance of Republicans eradicating a culture of losing that he claims the party has experienced in recent years.

DeSantis said this culture has been experienced by the party in recent times.

These comments were delivered by DeSantis as he was making an appearance at the annual Dave Camp Spring Breakfast hosted by the Midland County Republican Party at the Great Hall Banquet Facility in Midland. A crowd of almost 600 individuals showed up for the event.

“In this endeavor, there is no substitute for victory. And what I see around the country with Republicans is they’ve started to develop a culture of losing.” DeSantis said.

The governor brought to the recent news that a leftist challenger gained a key seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court this week as well as the midterm elections that took place last year as recent examples of Republicans not taking elections seriously enough.

“In Florida, we have a culture of winning, we have a culture of execution, and we have a culture of delivering results. And you need to be able to win. It’s not easy. When you stand for the right things in this day and age, man, you are going to have a lot of blowback. Leadership isn’t cost free.” he continued.

“You got to have the courage of your convictions. And you got to understand that whether it’s a governor, whether it’s a mother going into a school board meeting to protest some of the insanity, they’re gonna come at you, and you’re gonna have to make some sacrifices. But you know, I think it’s worth making those sacrifices, lord knows people have made much bigger sacrifices in the history of our country so that we could be free.” he concluded.

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