Florida Senate Passes 6-Week Abortion Ban Backed by DeSantis

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The Florida Senate reportedly adopted a proposed ban on abortion after six weeks of pregnancy on Monday, with only two Republicans rejecting the bill.

The majority of abortions performed after the sixth week of pregnancy would be illegal under the proposed legislation, known as S.B. 300.

However, the law would make an exception for pregnant women who are in danger of losing their lives during the pregnancy, and it would also allow for exemptions of up to 15 weeks for victims of rape, incest, and human trafficking.

Also, the Florida Department of Health will get $30 million of this funding in order to develop services that provide help for parenting, pregnancies, and contraception.

The bill, which is sponsored by Republican state Senator Erin Grall (Vero Beach), received approval from the state Senate by a vote of 26 to 13, but it still has to be passed by the state House before it can be sent to Republican Governor Ron DeSantis.

The advancement of the measure comes exactly one year after Governor Ron DeSantis signed a prohibition that is effective for 15 weeks into law.

The legislation under consideration would place constraints on the provision of drugs and abortions via telemedicine. Exemptions would be made for pregnant women whose lives are in danger while they are pregnant, as well as for victims of rape, incest, and human trafficking.

The measure targets both medical professionals who execute abortions as well as those who actively participate in them, and in the event that it is enacted into law, any anyone who is found to be in violation of it may be prosecuted with a crime of the third degree.

The big is a huge victory for the pro-life movement in its decades long quest to protect the lives of unborn children.

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