DeSantis Signs New Law That Bans The Release of Balloons

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed legislation on Monday that prohibits the “intentional release” of balloons in the state.

Legislators created the bill to reduce the amount of balloons drifting over the shore and washing up on the state’s beaches. State Representative Linda Chaney, a Republican who sponsored the bill, cited backing from both ocean conservation groups and cow producers.

Chaney said DeSantis was concerned about the law, specifically because it would increase fines for Florida residents.

His staff was especially concerned that the statute could be used to fine youngsters, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Finally, the law was revised to exempt children under the age of six.

Both ocean conservationists and cattle producers believe errant balloons can be mistaken for food by animals.

Both sea turtles and cattle have developed health problems as a result of consuming plastic that has drifted into their habitats.

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