Nikki Haley Argues Against Dem Backed Peace Deal With Hamas

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In an opinion piece published on Friday, Nikki Haley, a former United Nations ambassador and Republican presidential candidate, argued against a ceasefire in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

The article, which was published in The New York Post, is critical of President Biden and other Western legislators who, according to Haley, have “apparently forgotten” what occurred on Oct. 7.

Haley, who was previously the governor of South Carolina, recently visited Israel. Her visit was met with criticism after she inscribed the phrase “Finish them” on an Israeli artillery projectile.

In her op-ed, the former U.N. ambassador provided a detailed account of her most recent voyage and emphasized the necessity of Israel’s ongoing counteroffensive against Hamas.

“It’s crucial that Israel finish the job in Gaza, defeat Hamas and return every hostage back home to their families,” Haley stated.

She criticized Biden and members of Congress for their efforts to prevent Israel from receiving armaments and for failing to take the necessary steps to protect the country from Iran.

“Worst of all, they’re demanding a cease-fire. A cease-fire is the same as defeat. It would give the terrorists time and resources to complete their mission, which is the total destruction of Israel,” she added

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