DeSantis Signs New Bill to Limit HOA Related Fines

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[Photo Credit: By Office of the Governor of Florida - https://flgov.smugmug.com/Governor-Ron-DeSantis/2023/March/State-of-the-State/i-qsbDWMf/A, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=131074958]

On Friday evening, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis declared that he had signed a bill that would enhance transparency and restrict the amount of penalties levied by certain homeowners associations.

A unanimous vote of the Florida legislature passed the measure, HB 1203, in March.

According to the bill, homeowners associations are prohibited from imposing fines on residents for leaving trash cans out within 24 hours of the collection day or time, or for leaving holiday decorations up for an extended period of time beyond the time specified in the governing documents, unless the decorations are left up for more than one week following the issuance of a written notice.

HOAs are prohibited from prohibiting residents from parking personal vehicles, including pickup trucks, or labor vehicles that are not commercial vehicles, on the property.

Additionally, it modifies a section of the law that pertains to the parking of law enforcement vehicles on the property to encompass any assigned first responder vehicle.

The associations would be prohibited from establishing requirements or regulations for the interior of a home that are not visible from the exterior or from a neighboring home.

By January 1, 2025, homeowners associations (HOAs) with over 100 parcels would be required to publish any articles of incorporation, recorded bylaws, declaration of covenants, current rules, annual budgets, and other documents online.

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