Karl Rove Blasts Biden Campaign for Misconceived Event With Robert DeNiro Outside Trump Courthouse

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President Biden’s campaign, according to veteran Republican strategist Karl Rove, committed a “significant error” on Tuesday by inviting actor Robert De Niro and two police officers to a press conference near the courthouse on January 6, which politicized the hush money trial of former President Trump.

“Stupid mistake by the Biden campaign. They wanted to get, while all the cameras were there, they wanted to get their moment in the sun. And it was a big mistake.” Rove said during the appearance.

“It politicized the trial — better to have waited,” he noted.

“Are those the kind of credible statements that are going to cause people who don’t like Biden and don’t like Trump, but are trying to figure out who to vote for,” Rove continued.

“The people who believe that are already in the Biden camp.That’s not who they should be trying to reach out to. He came close in a moment of talking about January 6 and talking about the two officers, but that might have had an impact. But this was so over the top as to simply be useless.” he concluded.

During their appearance near the Manhattan courthouse, De Niro, Henry Dunn, and Michael Fanone, all of whom were former police officers, discussed the potential hazards of a second Trump term.

De Niro, who has been a vocal opponent of Trump in Hollywood, recorded a campaign advertisement for Biden last week in which he criticized the former president for being a “unhinged, power-hungry candidate.”

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