DeSantis Institutes New Ban Against Lab Grown Meat in Florida

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A bill prohibiting the sale of lab-grown livestock in Florida was signed into law by Governor Ron DeSantis on Wednesday. This legislation is an extension of the administration’s pledge to foster a “vibrant agriculture industry.”

DeSantis stated at a press conference that this measure differs from previous legislation he has endorsed with the intention of safeguarding the industry.

“These will be people who will lecture the rest of us about things like global warming, they will say that you can’t drive a internal combustion engine vehicle, they’ll say that agriculture is bad, meanwhile, they’re flying to Davos and their private jets. This is really a vision of imposing restrictions on freedoms for everyday people while these elites are effectively pulling the strings, calling the shots, and doing whatever the hell they want to do in their own lives.” DeSantis said.

“We have fought it through standing up against things like Central Bank Digital Currency, where they want to be able to control your money; we fought against it by banning the Chinese Communist Party from purchasing land in the state of Florida; we have fought it by putting an end to woke banks denying or canceling financial services for Florida, just based on their political opinions; and we’ve also protected Floridians from government tracking of credit card transactions related to the purchase of firearms and ammunition. I think what they’re looking to do is create a social credit system. That’s what they have in China. And so your ability to participate in the economy, access credit, will be circumscribed by your ideological positions and your political positions.” he added.

Unlike previous legislation, this one specifically targets “acts of man” that stem from a “ideological agenda” to try and blame ranchers for climate change.

DeSantis stated that the WEF’s extreme agenda, which includes mandating that people consume insects, has failed to garner traction not only in Florida but also in a number of other states.

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