Haley Claims She Now Has No Chance of Being Trump’s VP

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Nikki Haley, the failing Republican presidential candidate, is now asserting that her chances of being selected as the vice presidential nominee alongside former President Donald Trump are utterly non-existent.

In the concluding days of her campaign in South Carolina, she spoke with Bret Baier of Fox News in Mount Pleasant.

“We’re gonna see what happens tomorrow. But look, the problem when people say, ‘Why is she doing this? Why is she doing that?’ At first, they were like, ‘She’s doing this because she wants to be vice president.’ I think ’we’ve pretty much settled that. I’ve said it for months, it’s done.” Haley stated.

“I wouldn’t be doing this if I was worried about a political future. I would’ve gotten out already. I’m doing this trying to wake up our country.” she added.

“I’m running as a Republican. I’m running trying to wake people up that, if they nominate Donald Trump in this primary, we will lose a general election,” she continued.

Prior to this, Trump acknowledged in a Fox News town hall that Tulsi Gabbard, Ron DeSantis, Tim Scott, Vivek Ramaswamy, Kristi Noem, and Bryon Donalds are on his shortlist for a running mate.

Trump has consistently reaffirmed his rejection of Haley as his running companion, notwithstanding the hopes of certain Republicans who desired a unified ticket.

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