DeSantis Orders State to go After Teachers Trying to Politicize Ban on Woke Books in Classroom

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This week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis issued an order for an investigation by the Florida Department of Education into educators who are allegedly exploiting the state’s book challenging program to fabricate news stories for the media.

Some leftist educators, according to DeSantis, are attempting to sow disinformation in the media by asserting that the state is reviewing wildly popular books and classics when this is not the case.

DeSantis further noted that some of these educators have even contested the Bible and dictionaries.

“This is fraudulent.But what it is, is it’s trying to obscure the reason why parents have been concerned with the things that people saw, which are clearly not appropriate.And they’re basically trying to just confuse the issue to act like somehow that classic works are somehow not welcome. Nothing could be further from the truth. We want to ensure that students have very rigorous and robust education.” DeSantis said.

“So now what we’ve seen is you have seen activists that will go and just challenge almost anything. That’s not appropriate to be happening. Hijacking this process is not something that we want to encourage in any way,” he continued.

As stated by DeSantis, measures will be implemented by the state to address instances where educators exploit the procedure for political gain.

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