Larry Hogan Steps Down as ‘No Labels’ Co-Chair Amid Presidential Buzz

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[Photo Credit: By Maryland GovPics - Pre Inaugural Reception, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=128038302]

A month ago, former Maryland governor and Republican co-chair of ‘No Labels’ Larry Hogan resigned, sparking rumors of a possible third-party presidential campaign.

Hogan’s letter of resignation, dated December 15, refrains from criticizing the organization or its mission, while also failing to disclose any specific reasons for his departure.

Long circulating speculations, the moderate Republican governor has been linked to a possible 2024 presidential campaign with No Labels.

The organization has made a solemn commitment to present a “unity” ticket for the presidency, comprising one Democrat and one Republican.

Hogan has on numerous occasions avoided direct inquiries regarding his 2024 plans by merely stating that he will not seek the Republican nomination.

Multiple advertisements published by his PAC are cryptic and allude to a forthcoming campaign.

Former Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney and Senator Joe Manchin (both D-Wyoming have also been linked to the organization.

Opponents of the No Labels initiative have expressed bipartisan disapproval, asserting that the organization’s endeavor to operate a third-party ticket comprising a single Democrat and one Republican is implausible.

Liberal detractors have posited that the utilization of such a ticket might divert support from President Biden, thereby increasing the likelihood that former President Trump will be re-elected to the White House.

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