DeSantis Blasts NBC News Host

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[Photo Credit: By Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America - Ron DeSantis, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=121859451]

During an interview on Sunday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis criticized NBC News presenter Kristen Welker for her repeated attempts to have him referee remarks made by former President Donald Trump.

From the beginning, the interview on “Meet The Press” was antagonistic; Welker repeatedly requested that DeSantis reply to Trump instead of discussing matters pertinent to the presidential primary.

Well, I think even beyond that, the issue is — is why are you running? Are you running for your personal issues? Are you running for the American people’s issues? And I’m running for the American people’s issues. And now, part of that is this government is out of control. We have seen weaponization of agencies, like the DOJ, and the FBI and the IRS. I am going to end that weaponization.” DeSantis stated.

But that’s not because I’m doing it for me; it’s because I’m doing it for the people that have been under the thumb of these agencies. And I’m going to restore the rule of law. So, I think if Donald Trump is saying his whole thing is retribution for himself, well, what about all the other people that have had issues with that? Is that somebody – are those people he’s going to be standing up with? So I don’t think you can say it’s about “your enemies.” I think you’ve got to say it’s about the American people’s future. And the goal is to end weaponization, period, and to have a single standard of justice employed, not to basically do what we don’t like is being done now, just in a different direction.” he added.

Welker then tried to force DeSantis to condemn Trump for calling some of his adversaries ‘vermin.’

I don’t use the term. But what I don’t do is play the media’s game, where I’m asked to referee other people. He’s responsible for his words. He’s responsible for his conduct. I’m responsible for mine. But I will tell you, more important than the choice of words is: Why are you running? If he’s running for personal retribution, that is not going to lead to what we need as a country.” DeSantis replied.

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  1. DeSantis is a humble, courageous, purpose-driven follower of Jesus, common sense leader. He’s a veteran, grew up lower middle class, still is middle class (no grafting corruption). People here in Florida love working for him. He gets the best out of people, and they respect him deeply. DeSantis has paid off 12 yrs of debt in 5 yrs, created large surpluses for rainy (hurricane) days, stopped woke in Florida, kicked the CCP to the curb, Soros prosecutors too, and possibly saved the USA from total COVID-driven tyranny. He even has a Grand Jury quietly working for the last year to bring CRIMINAL charges against those who designed and carried out deadly COVID protocols, the Clots Shots, and censorship. He by far has the best heart for leading the United States, and the leadership and experience to make that heart effective.

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