REPORT: Details of Influential DeSantis Appointee’s Death Revealed

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New records released by state law enforcement indicate that the controversial elections security office director in Florida, who perished last year immediately following a meeting in the office of Governor Ron DeSantis, was unattended for twenty-four minutes prior to being discovered.

Pete Antonacci, 74, abruptly departed a conference room in the governor’s office on September 23, 2018, during a contentious meeting with eleven attendees, including Florida Department of Law Enforcement officials, attorneys for Byrd and DeSantis, Secretary of State Cord Byrd.

Over the years, Hialeah, Miami-Dade County, native Antonacci earned the moniker “Mr. Fix-it” due to his extensive experience in state government. DeSantis had appointed him to preside over the controversial and newly-established Office of Election Crimes and Security.

Scott McInerney, the director of FDLE, was present at the meeting and reported that Antonacci “immediately” exited his seat after becoming “agitated.”

The meeting’s contents remained undisclosed, and it is unknown what may have influenced Antonacci’s decision to depart the assembly in solitude.

He remained motionless subsequent to his collapse.

Additionally, without success, Capitol Police attempted to use an automated external defibrillator on Antonacci.

Prior to the arrival of Leon County Emergency Management Services, police continued to administer CPR.

According to the reports, Antonacci’s visage was “purple and blue,” and Glass stated that he had no pulse. A scrape on Antonacci’s cranium suggested that, en route to the ground, he might have encountered a doorknob.

Antonacci assumed the newly created role on behalf of DeSantis subsequent to his tenure as chief judge of the Division of Administrative Hearings of the state.

Prior to that, he held a succession of prominent positions during the administration of DeSantis’ predecessor as governor, who is now United States Senator Rick Scott.

General counsel to the governor, supervisor of elections for Broward County, state attorney for Palm Beach County, and executive director of the South Florida Water Management District were among them.

Antonacci had additionally worked as a senior aide to former Democratic Attorney General Bob Butterworth for years.

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