DeSantis Signs New Law Protecting Jewish Schools and Placing Even More Sanctions on Iran

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On Monday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) endorsed a bundle of new legislation, which included two bill that increase sanctions on companies with ties to Iran and also allocate state funds for the protection of Jewish institutions.

Amid escalating antisemitic concerns stemming from the Israel-Hamas conflict, the bills designate $45 million for security at Jewish schools and other institutions susceptible to hate crimes.

“Our proposed legislation will of course reinforce Florida’s commitment that we don’t do business with state sponsors of terrorism such as Iran,” DeSantis remarked.

Florida companies that collaborate with Iranian partners are subject to harsher penalties under a second piece of legislation.

Iran is the principal adversary of Israel and has been the subject of heightened federal sanctions in recent weeks.

The presidential candidate introduced the bill a few days after the commencement of the Israel-Hamas conflict a month ago.

In addition, measures pertaining to mortgage payment assistance, state funding for disaster relief, and a school choice program were signed.

A special session of the Florida Legislature was convened earlier this month, and the measures were successfully passed on Wednesday.

DeSantis has continued to exhibit steadfast endorsement of the Israeli government’s endeavors against Hamas and advocated for supplementary measures to aid Israel and safeguard American Jews.

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