DeSantis Shreds Biden for Pathetic Response to Vicious Attack on Israel

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Saturday, amidst a chaotic scene in the Middle East, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis lashed out at President Biden, accusing him of “sleeping on the job” as Israel endeavors to defend itself from Iranian-backed Hamas terrorists.

The remarks by DeSantis, made to reporters during one of his presidential campaign visits in Iowa, followed the early Saturday morning launch of thousands of rockets into Israel by Hamas terrorists.

“I saw the president’s comments with respect to the attacks on Israel. He said that he was up at 7:30 in the morning, but, you know, this was happening late, late last night into the early morning. The president needs to be there answering the call when our top ally in the Middle East is under the gun,” DeSantis claimed.

“You can’t be sleeping on the job. You’ve got to get there, you’ve got to do it, and you’ve got to engage. I think that we need to see leadership here. We need a very clear voice, we need strong support for the state of Israel.” he continued.

The assaults began around 6:30 a.m. in Israel’s time zone, or 11:30 p.m. Eastern Time. It remains uncertain if Biden was working prior to his conversations.

In addition, he drew attention to a recent decision by the Biden administration to release $6 billion in frozen Iranian funds as part of a prisoner swap agreement, noting that the exact funds likely were not used but that the money is “fungible.”

“Of course they’re funding Hamas and Hezbollah in big ways,” DeSantis added.

Iran is a well-known supporter of Hamas and has praised Saturday’s attacks against Israel.

The State Department has previously stated that Iran provides approximately $100 million annually to Palestinian militant groups such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

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