DeSantis Claims Electric Cars Pose Threat to American Interests

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The campaign by Democratic legislators to require everyone to own an electric vehicle poses severe hazards to American national security and the economy, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis warned in a weekend interview.

DeSantis made the comments in response to a question about President Joe Biden walking the picket line with striking auto workers on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” during an interview with Maria Bartiromo.

“They are going to really hurt the whole automobile industry. It is going to hurt jobs, forcing EVs. A lot of people don’t want EVs, a lot of Americans can’t afford EVs. It will make our country more dependent on communist China which we definitely don’t need to be doing.” DeSantis remarked.

“What they’re doing in California, Newsom and Biden have partnered up, they are requiring these big rigs to be electric. And so, we’re at the Port of Long Beach, this is very important to be able to move product for the entire country’s economy. These big rigs, they go, like 100 miles on an electric, then they’ve got to do a charge. It is totally, totally ridiculous. So, I’m going to come in as president, we’re going to reverse all of those Biden EV mandates, we’re going to save the American automobile.” he continued.

“It’s putting ideology ahead of anything that’s practical, and I think the truckers were really excited we were there to shine a light on some of the insanity that’s going on out California,”  DeSantic concluded.

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