DeSantis Unveils Major New Energy Plan to Bring Back $2 a Gallon gas

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On Wednesday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis reportedly outlined his plan for the nation’s energy industry, emphasizing the need to undo President Joe Biden’s ongoing far-left, climate change initiatives.

According to a statement his campaign released with the energy plan specifics, DeSantis would implement that vision by withdrawing the United States from international climate change agreements and ending all commitments for the nation to reduce net greenhouse emissions to zero, while also approving more pipelines and allowing mining and extraction of oil, gas, coal, uranium, and other minerals on federal lands.

DeSantis claims that by taking these steps, gas prices may be brought down to $2 per gallon by 2025, a huge decrease from their current levels.

This is an ambitious objective that would be put to the test by the global complexity that generally influence oil prices.

According to the US Energy Information Administration, average gas prices have remained above $2 since President George W. Bush’s second term, while briefly falling below that threshold under Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

According to a senior campaign official, DeSantis will remain in Texas after the event to attend fundraisers in Midland, Houston, and Dallas.

Under Biden, gas prices have continually varied, occasionally hitting record highs and fueling unsettling inflation.

To lower gas prices, Biden has used some of the nation’s strategic petroleum reserves.

As of the week ending September 8, the reserve had 350.6 million barrels of oil, a decrease of roughly 300 million barrels since his election.

DeSantis promises to replenish the stockpile and only deploy it in dire circumstances going forward.

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