DeSantis Meets With Families of 9/11 Victims at Ground Zero While Demanding Accountability for Infamous Day

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[Photo Credit: by Gage Skidmore]

On Monday, Republican presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis reportedly went to Ground Zero in New York City and spoke with a number of people who had lost loved ones in the September 11, 2001, Islamic terrorist attacks.

The Florida governor said it was an honor to be with the family on the 22nd anniversary of the attack in a statement issued following the trip.

“And now decades later, we as a nation still owe full transparency and accountability to these grieving families. Yet too many politicians have broken past promises to them, and that is wholly unacceptable.” DeSantis said.

“While the Biden Administration has allegedly rejected a considered plea deal over the near-term, pressure must remain so that any way forward includes public answers and maximum lawful punishment. Avoiding a public trial denies victims the justice they deserve and allows others to evade scrutiny. I urge the administration to serve justice and send an unequivocal message that such attacks on American lives will never go unanswered.” he continued.

“As President, I will demand from each agency that they provide a detailed justification for every remaining redaction, and decide, in the interests of transparency, whether the public interest outweighs any potential harm in disclosure before making declassification and public release decisions. I will end the federal government’s decades-long abuse of the classification system and will strive to be the most transparent administration in U.S. history.” he added.

While some information has been declassified recently, much has not, according to him, and if Biden does not release it, he will initiate the process if he wins the presidency.

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