DeSantis Announces He May Pick RFK Jr. to Lead Major Federal Agency

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[Photo Credit: by Gage Skidmore]

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a Democrat vying for president, may reportedly receive a job offer to lead a government agency in 2025, if Florida Governor Ron DeSantis emerges victorious in 2024.

In a Wednesday interview with Clay Travis on OutKick, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is lagging behind in the GOP nomination, remarked that he typically shares Kennedy’s conservative viewpoints on Covid-19 regulations and vaccinations. DeSantis suggested that his opinions would make him a good choice to head a government agency with authority over medicine.

“If you’re president, sic him on the FDA if he’d be willing to serve. Or sic him on CDC. In terms of being veep, if there’s 70 percent of the issues that he may be averse to our base on, that just creates an issue.” DeSantis said.

The governor has frequently criticized the federal government’s bureaucracy for recently being too “woke” and crooked, and DeSantis’ remarks are consistent with this assessment. If elected president, DeSantis has promised to dissolve the IRS and the Department of Education, among other government departments and organizations.

The CDC and FDA, two organizations with considerable authority over health issues that DeSantis specifically targeted during the height of the epidemic for requirements, have been the targets of his rhetorical and legal battles while serving as governor of Florida.

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