New Poll Shows Majority Want Trump to Drop out of Presidential Race

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In spite of continued support from his hardcore fan base, a new poll has now revealed that a significant majority of Americans now would prefer if former President Trump dropped out of the presidential race in the wake of his federal indictment.

According to the poll from Marist, 73% of Americans think Trump is acting improperly.

This includes 23% who think Trump acted unethically but not illegally and 50% who claim Trump committed an unlawful act.

25% of Americans believe Trump did nothing wrong.

The majority of Democrats (78%) and 50% of independents (up from 41% in March) concur that Trump breached the law.

56% of Americans now believe he should withdraw from the 2024 presidential election. However, 43% believe he should keep running.

The majority of Democrats (87%) and almost six in ten independents (58%) disagree on whether Trump should continue running for office.

However, the majority of Republicans (83%) believe Trump should continue to run.

While over two-thirds of Republicans and independents leaning Republican (64%) say they’ll continue to back Trump if he stays in the race, 32% now intend to back a different Republican candidate.

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