‘Third Party’ Group ‘No Labels’ Announces it Won’t Back an Alternative Presidential Candidate if DeSantis Wins Nomination

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No Labels, a group that supports middle-of-the-road candidates, has said that there is widespread voter interest in a third-party presidential candidacy.

However, even as other conservative contenders like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis run to Trump’s right, the group reportedly stated it will probably withdraw from the election completely if Donald Trump doesn’t win the GOP nominee.

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), a moderate superstar, has been openly toyed with as a potential candidate to head No Labels’ ticket.

The fact that No Labels is partially basing the success of its third-party campaign on Trump’s election proves that the group’s decision-making is not heavily influenced by ideological factors. T

he latest bipartisan debt ceiling agreement, which No Labels applauded, was criticized by DeSantis.

No Labels claims that while considering a run, it is directly considering voter opinions.

No Labels is also organizing a gathering for April in Dallas, which will serve as a crucial turning point in the organization’s potential third-party effort.

As soon as Super Tuesday in March, it may be obvious who the Republican nominee will be. Even if it drops out of the race entirely, No Labels intends to preserve that convention date.

No Labels hasn’t yet said who it wants to appoint to lead its ticket, but Jacobson claims that whoever it is will be a Ross Perot-like candidate.

Perot famously ran against Former President George H.W. Bush and then candidate Bill Clinton in 1992. It is widely believed that Perot may have cost Bush the election.

The announcement stands as yet another reason why DeSantis is likely a significantly better GOP candidate than former President Trump, as he will not be forced to face a Ross Perot like challenger should he win the nomination.

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