DeSantis Makes Universal School Choice Law of the Land in Florida

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On Monday, Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis reportedly gave his signature of approval to a piece of legislation that established a program for universal school choice.

Under the provisions of House Bill 1, which was sponsored by the Education Quality Subcommittee, an Education Savings Accounts program will be established.

This program will make it possible for every family to receive up to $8,000 to cover education costs that are not covered by the public school system.

The vouchers will be awarded on a priority basis, with the monies being given to households with four members who have an annual income of less than $51,000 initially.

The former school choice program in Florida was restricted to families with low incomes and kids with disabilities.

A total of 1.3 million pupils participated in the program.

The prior program had a waitlist for students who wanted to participate.

With DeSantis’ signature, Florida became the sixth state in the last two years to move toward universal school choice.

Arizona was the first state to enact universal school choice, making all K-12 students eligible for state-funded vouchers.

Florida became the sixth state in the last two years to move toward universal school choice.

On March 8, Republican Governor Sarah Sanders of Arkansas signed a piece of legislation into law that would establish a universal school choice program by the 2025-2026 school year.

This program will take effect in the following school year.

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  1. Riding on Trumps coat tail until he became Gov & now running against him is disgraceful and self centered. It shows lhow he will use you snd then throw you away for his future plan he already had before riding on trumps cost tail by getting a lot of Trumps Donors etc. Well, we see through him. If he waited 4 years to run…he would have much more support. Do his governors job first and then run for Senate or Congress and face the National trouble as Yrump has, and still is facing. We have a fractured GOP and it is not helping America. We need to stand together. Between Nicky Halley and DeSantis we have a power hungry duet who does not want to unite the GOP or the USA. When you are in your own State…what you accomplish is nothing compared to getting something done Nationally…while fighting in court brought on by democrats and some of your own so called friends that you he helped get into positions Nationally, and in his own state of z Florida.January 6th would not have hsppenef if the GOP had supported Trump while he was in office. He was strong, but many of them were week and helped the Democrats come after Trump. Chaney is a shame!!! Trying to make a name for herself. Well, she has! Turn Coat Chaney…acting like a Democrat but in the GOP!!! She needs to change parties. I think she wants to run for President, but her personality is very cold, and a lot like a snake coiled and ready to strike the one whom she thinks is in her way. TRUMP! So many in that age group think they know it all.,.but what is it they think is all they know? After they live as long as some of us have lived … they still will not know it all! We respect guts, but hers seems more like vengeance. Wonder where it is coming from? We have more yesrs if inflation ahead of us, and it was brought on by the ones who hold the power now. You got what you voted for!!!! A puppet on a string with a string puller behind the curtain, but many of us know it. Too bad the Democrats and some Republicans are letting the puppet show go on until we have no freedoms , and our children have no future.
    Letting the pulpit show go on. Control their money and control their freedoms. I remember the man who said. “We will control America through the mind of their youth.” Those youth are now the puppets destroying America. They will not have to fire a shot? No, the younger minds are being destroyed by the fear they are getting just watching what is happening around them at school with all the brain washing trying to change gender behind parents back which we used to think was child being abused before the age of 18. The bad part is that we Americans are paying for it with our school tax dollars etc. WAKE UP! America is fall into the hands of s few control freaks who could care less about the poor or the middle class & how to raise a normal child to an adult without tampering with their body parts.

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