DeSantis Announces He Won’t Join Trump’s Ticket as VP

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In answer to a query on whether or not he would join a ticket as former President Trump’s running mate if Trump wins the Republican nomination for president in 2024, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is a member of the Republican Party, reportedly described himself as “more of an executive man.”

A reference which seemed to confirm that he would not be appearing on Trump’s ticket as vice-president.

In an interview that took place on Thursday evening with Newsmax, DeSantis stated that he desired to become governor of Florida because he wanted the opportunity to be the one to take action on various concerns.

The remark from DeSantis comes as speculations continue to circulate about whether or not he is contemplating a run for the candidacy of the Republican Party for president in 2024.

DeSantis has not addressed the public question of whether or not he would run for office; nonetheless, political observers believe him to be a probable candidate, and he has routinely ranked highly in various hypothetical polls for the Republican primary election.

Trump and DeSantis were strong political allies up until quite recently, with Trump backing DeSantis in his first attempt for governor of Florida in 2018, when DeSantis was making his initial bid for the position.

However, both parties have become more aggressive in their attacks against the other in recent weeks and months with Trump having largely initiated the rivalry.

Trump stated earlier this month that he “probably” regrets backing DeSantis and the numerous claims that he has made that DeSantis would not have won without his endorsement.

DeSantis’ announcement is perhaps another clue that he has his eyes set on the presidency in 2024, which will likely mean more open conflict with Trump in the future.

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